Self-Marketing and the Job Search

This post also appears on the Elon University PRSSA blog, where I function as the editor and vice president

By: Carolyn VanBrocklin

The number one rule of social media marketing is to be aware of how you present yourself, and to be aware that you should always be professional.  Forty five percent of employers use social media to screen potential candidates.  Employers tend to disregard potential candidates for several reasons, including:

  • Lies about qualifications
  • Poor communication skills
  • Discriminatory comments
  • Inappropriate pictures
  • Bad-mouthing previous employer, co-workers or clients
  • Sharing confidential information

They hire people after such screenings for:

  • A profile show professional qualifications
  • Solid communications skills
  • Appearing well-rounded
  • A good feel for personality and fit
  • Creativity
  • Conveying a professional image
  • Good references from other people

Students should be aware of who they are professionally and communicate who they are meaningfully.   This practice will give you a good online presence and leave no room for potential reasons to be passed over for an inappropriate online presence.

It is essential that students market themselves strategically through the various online resources at hand.  The most important part is presenting a professional image.  Take the time to compose a six-word memoir that sums up you and your professional image.   You could even use this as your Twitter bio.

Listed are a few sites where students can build an online portfolio that showcases their skills.  It is important to be in control of your online presence.  In particular, make sure you have a consistent brand across all platforms (especially with the same username.  Check if it is available at  Some sites include:


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