The arts animate North Carolina

By: Carolyn VanBrocklin

North Carolina is highly recognized for its art: from pottery to literature, music, performance and visual artists and the many institutions that support such ventures.

The Travel Industry of America and Smithsonian magazine named North Carolina one of the top ten states for cultural and heritage tourism in 2003.  The arts have a great impact on North Carolina and its economy.

Today there are 3,122 non-profit arts organizations in North Carolina according to the North Carolina Arts Council, one such organization.  The council was established in 1967 by Governor Terry Sanford “to strengthen North Carolina’s creativity, invention and prosperity,” as stated in the organization’s backgrounder.

The North Carolina Arts Council and all other such organizations promote arts excellence and prosperity in North Carolina.

There are over 300,000 jobs in what the NC Arts Council calls the “Creative Industry” in the state, composing 5.54 percent of total state employment.

Job creation and employer spending define economic growth and development, and a study conducted in 2003 by John A. Walker College of Business at Appalachian State University professors Michael Evans and Dinesh Dave found that “the market value of goods and services produced and sustained by the Creative Industry is more than $41.4 billion, or 5.86 percent of the state’s total production.”

This leads to a great deal of economic activity, which stimulates the surrounding communities.

Besides the economic benefits, arts help make North Carolina a more vibrant place.  According the Appalachian State study, the arts promote active citizenship, a sense of community, lifelong learning and quality of life.

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