Durham Art Walk Holiday Market kicks off holiday festivities

Image from the Durham Arts Council

By: Carolyn VanBrocklin

The Durham Art Walk Holiday Market is one such open studio tour, as previously mentioned.  This year, the event attracted over 2000 visitors to the downtown Durham area for an afternoon of holiday festivities, arts and food.

The Art Walk Holiday Market allowed arts enthusiasts a weekend of opportunities to browse studios in Durham, from Vega Metals to the Durham Arts Council, which hosted the event along with several sponsors.

Besides art, several Durham restaurants were open to allow hungry shoppers to experience Durham’s cuisine.

Special attractions included a tree in the Scrap Exchange, where people could get gifts artistically wrapped in reused materials, that was decorated with hand-crafted ornaments and globes filled with Burt’s Bees products.

Musical performances and dancers entertained the crowds as well, from the Durham Divas ‘N’ Dude to Guillo Carias to pianist Dawn Michelle Williams.

“The creative economy is booming here in Durham,” said Durham Arts Council Executive Director Sherry DeVries, “and this event is a great example of this upsurge with so many talented artists at a single event working in every imaginable medium.”


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