The University of Nebraska at Omaha Presents “Six degrees of SePRation: Linking You to Your Future”

This post also appears on the Elon University PRSSA blog, where I function as the editor and vice president.

Chapter President Lianna Catino and Vice President Carolyn VanBrocklin are in Washington, DC for the 2010 PRSSA National Conference.

By: Carolyn VanBrocklin

The PRSSA students from the University of Nebraska at Omaha know that the time to network is now.  “Making personal connections cannot wait until you graduate from college,” one student said.

So how can students network effectively? By using these degrees of networking:

  • Service
  • Fundraising
  • Professional development
  • Jobs and internships

Combining service with PR

What goes around comes around.  We’ve all heard that phrase, and it captures the importance of community service.

PRSSA students can use their skills to help others and benefit themselves by making valuable contacts.

The presenting students suggested developing a passion for service and finding service projects that fit both your interests and the needs of local communities.

By making a difference, you reach out to the local community and connect with businesses and not-profits.  Getting to know people and making human connections can lead to jobs and internships.

Making connections through fundraising

Successful PRSSA Chapters have a commitment to fundraising.  From the simple to the creative, this is a way to strengthen connections between Chapter members and between the Chapter and local community.

Personally asking businesses for assistance begins a relationship, which can then be built upon through perseverance.

Strengthen such connections throughout the years with updates and thank-you notes.  This shows gratitude for any help received and makes the relationship between a chapter and its sponsors firmer.

Professional development

“Networking is about making the right impression and maintaining the connections you make,” the University of Nebraska at Omaha students told the crowd.

As a student looking for jobs or internships, capitalize on past success.  Build your reputation through experience and make sure to build connections whenever possible.

Create connections at internships, or use professors and other PR students if you are beginning your search.  Every contact is important and could potentially change the course of your professional life.


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