RLF Professionals Discuss Engaging Followers with Social Media

This post also appears on the Elon University PRSSA blog, where I function as the editor and vice president.

By: Carolyn VanBrocklin

On Tuesday, October 11, public relations professionals Ken Luck and AK Wilkinson of RLF Communications in Greensboro, NC spoke to the Elon University PRSSA Chapter about social media and its importance in the communications industry.

In particular, they focused on the importance of measuring followers on Facebook and Twitter.  The clients public relations firms represent like having a concrete idea of how many people are engaged on such sites.  It is also a good indicator of the success of various public relations efforts.

Here are some tips for measuring Facebook followers:

  • Look at page views
  • Track the number of followers
  • Look at the interactions per post (likes, comments, shares)

Wilkinson described Facebook ads as an effective way to reach out to a page’s target audience.  Such ads are customizable, reaching out to a broad or specific audience based on designated criteria.

Engaging followers

While tracking followers is important, there also needs to be dialogue between the organization and visitors to the page. Engaging followers keeps current ones interested and committed and generates buzz to bring in new followers.

Shout-outs draw in contributors to the organization and make connections across social media.  Mention key influencers to give depth on a personal level beyond a mission statement or description.

Another suggested method of creating dialogue between followers is to have a specific theme on certain days.  Done regularly, they become something that people expect and look forward to.  Contests generate interest for an organization and give followers a reward for their involvement.

Tweeple on Twitter

As of now, there are no analytics for Twitter like there are for Facebook.  Public relations practitioners must track the number of followers and the change in number in a weekly, monthly or yearly increment.

Engage followers by @ replying to queries and comments and re-tweeting users whose input is valuable to the organization.

Of course, social media may not be the answer for every public relations campaign.  Sometimes simple media relations will bring in interested individuals and create enough buzz for an organization or event.

In general, the best social media practice is to keep followers interested and coming back.   Engaging followers is one part and varied, valuable content is the other.

To view RLF’s presentation on Social Marketing & Measurement click here.

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