WFMY Celebrates 60 Years of Dedication

By Carolyn VanBrocklin

WFMY News2 in Greensboro celebrates its 60th anniversary this year.  The station’s celebration will last throughout the month of May.  They will feature special news segments with rare historic video, trivia, and predictions for the next 60 years and highlight milestones of the station and the surrounding community.  The WFMY Web site,, will feature a special content section with historic videos and photos, and a section where viewers can contribute their own stories, videos and photos.

Anchors Kent Bates and Sandra Hughes broadcast the 6 p.m. news on WFMY News2 in Greensboro.

Anchors Kent Bates and Sandra Hughes broadcast the 6 p.m. news on WFMY News2 in Greensboro. Photo courtesy of Corey Groom.

In addition, there will be special appearances by WFMY alumni including Lee Kinard of the Good Morning Show and a member for more than four decades; Mike Hogewood of the Good Morning Show  covered sports and Randy Jackson.  They will return to WFMY News 2 for a look back at the moments that defined the community and the station.

A birthday bash will be held on May 20 in Greensboro’s Center City Park featuring WFMY alumni, food, fun, music and  a special certificate of recognition from Greensboro Mayor Yvonne Johnson.

“There’s a sense of history here at this station,” anchor Kent Bates said. “It’s another opportunity for us to remember where we’ve been and even those of us who haven’t been with the station for all that time still feel like we’re a part of that history.”

Bates and fellow anchor Sandra Hughes said there is a great deal of excitement in the studio about the festivities.  The old footage that will be shown to commemorate past events will show the station’s past achievements.

“It’s going to be kind of neat to have some of the old things come back again,” Hughes said.

Because of its smaller size, WFMY has a close relationship with the surrounding community.  Hughes said that because she lives in the area she has a closer connection to the people she broadcasts the news to.

WFMY is honoring their connection to the audience by treating them to the old footage and bringing back memories, and using videos, photos and comments that are user-generated. Hughes says one of the community activities she is most proud of is the time spend hosting the Jerry Lewis telethon, which helps kids with muscular dystrophy.

“My job makes me really tired but I never ever am bored,” Hughes said.

Photo courtesy of Corey Groom.

Photo courtesy of Corey Groom.

The reporters at WFMY must be on their toes because they never know what will happen.  For instance, Hughes recounted that when 9/11 occurred, she was on vacation and immediately rushed home to appear on WFMY and talk about what had happened.

WFMY has been broadcasting since 1949.  Its famous programs include the Good Morning show, the longest running show on television which is celebrating its 51st anniversary.  WFMY reaches 1.2 million households in the area surrounding Greensboro.

In six decades of coverage, WFMY News 2’s cameras have captured pieces of history; the Woolworths sit-ins and other famous civil rights demonstrations, the growth of Atlantic Coast Conference sports, and major weather events like Hurricane Hugo and the Rockingham County tornados.

Watch Kent Bates and Sandra Hughes discuss the 60th Anniversary celebrations:


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  1. Did you actually go to WFMY or did Corey go and then share the info with you? You need to have a shared byline if Corey gathered information for you to use – even if it was just the interviews with the Flip camera. Also, did you or he shoot the video or is it a WFMY video? Credit the videographer somehow on the WordPress site.

    Again, I am reminding you that a single entity such as WFMY-TV or Elon University is a singular noun that should be matched with a singular pronoun. So on first reference it is “WFMY” and later you would refer to the station as “it” and not “they.” That can sound impersonal and klunky. The way to soften it is to write about “the people of WFMY” and “they.”

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