Obama’s First 100 Days

By Carolyn VanBrocklin

April 29th marked the end of U.S. President Barack Obama’s first 100 days in office.  During a nationally televised news conference, Obama talked about the progress he has made.barack-obama-official-small_03

Traditionally the first 100 days in office are a time for the new president to show what he’s made of.  Some past presidents that have accomplished much in their first 100 days, such as Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy; these are the ones that went down in history.

In an informal survey of nearly 20 students, the main conclusion reached is that it’s too early to tell how effective Obama’s first 100 days have been.

“You’re asking for 100 days of judgment on a four-year term,” junior Alex Grayson. “It’s impossible to grade that.  You have to leave a little time for things to play out.”

When asked to rate Obama’s progress on a scale of one to seven, 44 percent of responses gave Obama a five.

Junior Ali Kreher said that she feels Obama is effective, “although we’re not yet seeing results.”

From April 19 to 23, Elon University conducted a poll of North and South Carolinians opinions Obama’s 100 days in office.  Overall the reviews were mixed.

Carolinians are also concerned about the future of the economy and opinions vary.  Forty-six percent say the economy has leveled off but still needs to improve, while 35 percent say the worst is yet to come.

Overall 50 percent of students say Obama is handling the issues well.  “He’s doing a good job of trying to nip it in the bud,” senior Ellie Sorge said.


One Response

  1. You buried the lead. The first two paragraphs aren’t local and most people would feel as if they already know that info. Lead with the local attitude and you can add in the bit about the first 100 days after you at least give a little taste of local opinion in the very first paragraph.

    Good work getting out and talking to 20 people in just 30 minutes or so! You know how to hustle like a pro!

    I am looking forward to seeing the video posted soon.

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