Elon University Students Are Environmentally Aware

It’s that time of the year again to plant a tree. At Elon University, students are very eco-minded and are planning an Earth Week to show it.

The Green Team and the Sierra Club are raising awareness of environmental sustainability from April 20 to the 24, which includes Earth Day on April 22. There are several events planned for students to increase their environmental awareness and participate in activities that are environmentally friendly.earth1

In a survey of 131 Elon University students, 118 said they consider themselves to be environmentally aware. Over half attributed it to their Elon education.

Elon University places a serious emphasis on sustainability. Students entering their freshman year take a class, which teaches them about being a global citizen, and themes often center on environmental awareness.

Not all students said that Elon has helped make a difference in their awareness. Student Stefan DiMuzio said that as a transfer to Elon, he missed out on the freshman year course. However, “being here at Elon makes me environmentally aware,” DiMuzio said.

Eighty-eight of the students polled also said that they are concerned about global warming and taking personal action. The most popular environmentally friendly action students at Elon take is to recycle. Eighty-one of the students said they recycle.

Other actions included 48 students saying that they walk more and use less gas, 31 students said that they try to reduce their carbon footprint. Twenty-three of the students polled said that they take no personal action.

Environmental sustainability is even more in mind as Earth Day approaches. Nationally, the Earth Day Network is planning an event called “Earth Day on the National Mall” to be held on April 19. It will feature music from the Flaming Lips and speaker EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson. Exhibitors will also be present to support the event.

Watch student Matt Dinwidde speak about his efforts to be environmentally friendly:


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  1. LOVE the pull-out tips graphic. Great!

    Get the percentage breakdown instead of using raw numbers.

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