Irazú Coffee in Burlington, N.C. Offers Comfort and Quality Coffee

By Carolyn VanBrocklin

Irazú Coffee is a small Costa Rican coffee shop in Burlington, N.C. that gives customers a nice break from chain stores like Starbucks.

The coffee shop was established in December 2005 by owner Rod Salazar. “I’ve been wanting for a while to open my own business,” Salazar said. “I really like coffee and saw a market in Burlington for it.” Irazú is family owned and operated: Salazar’s mother and sister help run the shop.

“We make each cup by the customer,” Becky Villalobos, Salazar’s sister, said. There is no sitting around in pots for this coffee. Each cup of coffee at Irazú Coffee is made by the cup for the customer’s exact specifications.

“We always want to give the customer what they want,” Salazar said.

“One of the things we really take pride in is serving really good coffee,” Salazar said. “The process is enhanced, the atmosphere is different. It tends to give off more of a cozy, at-home feeling.”

The coffee shop has a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere; complete with cushy sofas, free high-speed wireless internet access, and a 32” LCD television. Customers are also treated to live music on Friday and Saturday nights.

Elon students make up a good part of our business. We always try to get support from them,” Salazar said. On Tuesdays, students can bring in their Phoenix Cards and receive a 10 percent discount. Irazú also offers coffee cards, where participants get stamps for each cup of coffee purchased.

On Wednesday, March 4th from 2pm to 6pm, Irazú is hosting a “Java Jam for MS,” as part of Multiple Sclerosis Awareness week. There will be live music by Powell Sykes, games, gifts and information joining the fight against multiple sclerosis. The proceeds from ground coffee purchases will benefit the central North Carolina chapter of the National MS Society.

“Irazú is a gathering place for people to come and listen to music, maybe socialize a little bit,” Salazar said. “And also for the Elon students, who come here to study.”

Hear Rod Salazar speak about what makes Irazú special:


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  1. You did a solid job on this. It’s a bit on the PR-ish side. It’s nice to see a video clip. Do THIS ALL THE TIME with your work! You have several AP Style and mechanics errors here. Fix them.

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