Elon Students Enjoy a Snow Day, But Not the Power Outages

By Carolyn VanBrocklin

This morning, a winter storm blew through Burlington, N.C., dusting the ground with more than four inches of snow and knocking out power at Elon University.

The Young Commons and Moseley Center at Elon University are covered in snow.

The Young Commons and Moseley Center at Elon University are covered in snow. Photo courtesy of Corey Groom.

Many students grabbing breakfast in the Moseley Center were bundled up because of the power outages, which left many students freezing in their dorm rooms. “My roommate woke up sometime last night for RA activities, and I guess she opened the window because it was hot,” sophomore Kaitlyn Fay said. “When I woke up this morning it was 30 degrees in the room.”

Elon University reported last night that classes would be delayed until noon, but as snow accumulated officials decided to close the University and the School of Law.

“I was pretty excited because I’m from Florida and I’m definitely not used to this kind of weather,” sophomore Sean Quillen said.

Students were pleased with their day off of classes today. Many were observed building snowmen and engaging in snowball fights across campus. This morning on the Young Commons, the remains of a late night snowball fight could be seen, complete with a large igloo.

“We plan to spend the rest of our snow day, we have to finish this snowman, we’re making the world’s largest snowman,” senior Heidi Rice said.

Others had more studious plans for the rest of the afternoon: “I’m going to end up hopefully, ideally cleaning my room and catching up on some homework that I neglected” freshman Andrew Durr said.

Early in the morning students flocked to the Moseley Center to find a warm spot with an Internet connection, crucial for most college classes. “I’ve been here since 7:30, I had to take an online test and I didn’t have internet in my room,” said senior Maggie Matthews.

Students play in the snow during Monday's snow day.  Photo courtesy of Corey Groom.

Students play in the snow during Monday's snow day. Photo courtesy of Corey Groom.

“I live off campus and we didn’t have power either so it was really cold,” senior Katie Kuekes said.  “And I’m a communications student too and all my classes, all my homework required me to get on the computer and edit video, which you can’t do without power.”

According to Communications professor Janna Anderson, this weather is unusual for this time of year. “Generally by this time of year everything is blooming beautifully and our overnight lows are in the high 40s or 50s,” Anderson said.

A winter weather advisory remains for black ice, which is expected to last until Tuesday morning according to The Weather Channel website.

Hear what Elon students had planned for their snow day:


2 Responses

  1. First, you have some good reporting here!

    There are some minor mechanical errors here and there; edit. For instance,
    in AP Style you always capitalize Internet.

    It’s sort of cute that you included my comments, but technically, ethically
    you should check with a person to see if it’s OK to use a quote that you did
    not obtain while actually interviewing and saying you are a reporter, etc.

    I’ll give you permission to use the quote in this case, but next time you
    should ask before publishing it.

    You also can’t just use the information
    from the Times-News as you did with the credit line at the bottom – it leads
    people to believe that you are working with the permission of the
    Times-News. You could have accessed info about the weather on the NOAA Web

  2. Interesting points! I was actually thinking about this topic last night and this morning (particularly how to incorporate it into my own blog). Thanks for the tips, bro!

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