Runners Face Mud and Rain to Raise Money During Phi Mu and Sigma Chi’s ‘Race for the Kids’

By Carolyn VanBrocklin

On Friday afternoon, almost 350 participants raced across the muddy fields behind the Harden Clubhouse at Elon University as part of Phi Mu and Sigma Chi’s first annual Race for the Kids.

“Despite the weather we still had a wonderful turnout,” said Lauren Limerick of Phi Mu, and part of the committee that put together the race.

Runners wait for the start of the race.

Runners wait for the start of the race.

Race for the Kids was created by Phi Mu and Sigma Chi because of their close ties. “Phi Mu is our sister sorority with philanthropy, and we have a pretty good rapport with then through social life,” said Garret Fry of Sigma Chi, who also assisted in planning the race.

The money raised at the event goes to the Miracle Children’s Network and Duke Children’s Hospital.

“We wanted to find a way that was an easy fun way to raise money and excitement for Elonthon,” said Limerick.

The members who ran enjoyed themselves and raised a great deal of money to support the children.

“I came out for the kids because the kids are awesome and I wanted to do something that supported them,” said Stephanie White, race participant.

“Hopefully we’ve made a difference,” said freshman runner Mackenzie Walley. “It’s kind of our way to help.”

The event aimed to get participants excited for the upcoming Elonthon, a 24-hour dance marathon hosted by Elon University since 2003. The dance involves thousands of student participants, who raised over $140,000 last year alone.

Hear Connor Donohue speak about his experience during Phi Mu and Sigma Chi’s Race for the Kids:



2 Responses

  1. It’s good to see that you got out and covered this race!

    People enjoy seeing many photos, so it’s also good you have lots of images here. Some people would recommend you use larger images or they might advise you to link to a slide show with more photos. When you take pictures remember to get tight, medium and long shots, so you have variety. Most of these are at medium range, which gives some information but not much detail.

    You should have more details on the exact date and location of Elonthon 2009.

  2. Great post! Your story has been featured on, scheduled to be publish tomorrow morning. Please feel free to check out the site and submit any greek related news to in the future to be featured on the front page!

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