Business Professionals Kristi Kienzle and Andrew DiDomenico Dicuss Securing a Career During Elon’s Professional Discovery Week

By Carolyn VanBrocklin

Today at Elon University, Kristi Kienzle, Elon alum, of Pfizer Inc. and Andrew DiDomenico of Talecris Inc. spoke to students about securing a desired career as part of the Professional Discovery Week program.

One of the important points of the speech was the importance of identifying your skills and matching them to meet an employer’s needs. This can be done by evaluating yourself and promoting what you have to offer through your resume and cover letter.

Kienzle likened the job search to “a chess game of matching,” reminding the audience to “think and link.”

Applicants were advised not to be discouraged by positions that ask for previous experience. Kienzle encouraged the audience to take a chance, saying “don’t let it sway you.”

Speaking from the experience of the hiring manager, DiDomenico advised students on the importance of having a strong cover letter and a stronger resume.

He highlighted the importance of an attention-getting objective statement. In particular, DiDomenico emphasized making everything unique to you, the applicant.

In parting, DiDomenico reminded students to “learn from the interviewing process” and continue to try even if they do not succeed the first time.

Tips from Kristi and AndrewHear Kristi Kienzle speak about being a business professional:


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  1. It is good to see you out there continuing to do community reporting. You have captured some useful specific details from this event.

    I’d say you should consider this an experiment with video that didn’t work out well and just not use the clip. It is really short without much useful content and you couldn’t hold it steady enough in the situation you were in. It’s OK to admit defeat sometimes. You can still pull a still frame off the video and use that. We won’t have time to discuss this in class on Friday, but we may do it next week, so KEEP this video clip. If you want to try to figure it out on your own, you could look at the instructions I wrote here:

    Of course you can also make the tips list into a graphic quite easily. Lists are a natural fit as a boxed element in your layout.

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