Student Enthusiasm for Basketball Games is Less Than Stellar

By Carolyn VanBrocklin

Even though it’s a Monday evening, there’s a basketball game in the gym, Elon against Furman University. So where are all the students?

Students watch as Elon took on Furman Monday night.

The basketball program at Elon is sadly lacking in student participation. Rarely are the seats in the gym filled to capacity, especially during women’s games.

“It would certainly be nice to see as many people coming out to the women’s games as the men’s, we tend to have light turnouts for the women’s games and a fairly big turnout for the men’s games” Tony Sawyer, the director for the pep band, said.

During the Saturday women’s basketball game against Davidson, the attendance was composed of fans from the opposing team and parents or visiting members from the Elon and Burlington communities.

According to Matt Eviston, the assistant athletics director for sports information and media relations, out of 14 men’s games played at home, an average of 1051 people attended. Out of the same number of games, the women’s attendance was an average of 293 spectators.

“Women’s games are underrepresented by the student body” sophomore Kristen Feeney said.

Attendance in the gym during the women's game against Davidson on Saturday afternoon.

Even during men’s games, when the crowd grows to occupy the majority of the student section, there is a distinct lack of participation and enthusiasm.

“A lot of games I’d like to see more people in the stands, but all the time I’d like to see more enthusiasm,” Jamie Gorsuch, a member of the pep band, said.

This situation is unfortunate for the players and other performers alike when playing competitively to an empty gym. Lack of student participation not only affects the players, but also other performers including the pep band and cheerleaders.

Students cheer at the televised men's game versus Appalachian State.

“It is hard because the main thing in cheerleading is performing and getting the crowd involved and since there’s no crowd it turns into a practice and we’re cheerleaders just for the team” cheerleader Molly Boyce said.

Students seem to just come to the games to be entertained, which is a part of sports, but they need to be more supportive of their team. The team members appreciate it when see and hear bleachers full of supportive, cheering fans.


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  1. Nice work spotting an enterprise story and taking it on. I think the photos are a bit small, but I know it is hard to do a layout in WordPress. You aren’t done reporting on this yet – can you call Athletics and talk to Matt Eviston and get some average crowd numbers? Use specific details. It is not enough to make the observation that something seems to be amiss. Get the stats to back it up. Great work getting going, now just flesh it out a bit!

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